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Welcome to Healthy, Fast, Friendly, B Café!

The craze is finally over! The new B Café, the one that everyone has been raving over for so long is finally open! For those that are hungry, but don’t have much time, and don’t want to deal with the unhealthiness of your local fast food joint with those rude employees are in luck! The Fuji 1546 family has recently opened another restaurant, but it’s something that you’d never expect.

B Café is a small, conveniently located restaurant at the intersection of Billings Road and Hancock Street in North Quincy. Here, we are staffed with a group of fast paced and vibrant individuals whom strive to provide the type of friendly service that you would expect as if you were to sit down and enjoy dinner. Equipped with free wi- fi, and three flat screen computers that the public can use at their leisure, everyone has the capability to continue on with their work even if they’re not sitting at their desks.

Although it is much smaller than Fuji 1546, located in Quincy Center, we still want to provide the same quality of the foods and service that you would receive. Here, we have a range of different foods that are quick and easy for all those that are on the go. We have everything from combination makimono and sushi boxes to teppanyaki rice boxes, to ramen noodles to a variety of different flavors of both regular ice cream and fried ice cream.

We all know that sushi is already very healthy, but did you ever wonder if there was a way to make something healthy even healthier? We carry everyone’s favorite Spicy Tuna Roll, but we also carry something that no one has yet been daring enough to try, a Spicy Tuna Wrap. Just imagine, the spicy tuna mixture being rolled up in a tortilla wrap filled with lettuce and tomatoes versus the traditional seaweed and rice.

Craving those boba (tapioca balls) drinks that everyone used to drive so far to get? Well, look no further because we brew our teas and cook our bobas every morning to provide freshness to those whom have either grown to love these drinks, or those that are daring enough to try something new.

The Fuji family would like to invite everyone to B Café where we provide fast and friendly service to everyone, especially those working down the street at State Street to the high school students that come through after school. We would like to thank everyone that has stuck in there with us while we tried to perfect the modern construction to ensuring that all of our customers have complete access to our wi-fi. We hope to see you there, and we hope that you continue to support us. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us, your feedback is always greatly appreciated.

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